Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little hello from me...

So hello & welcome to Kate's blog!

I created this blog a little while ago but life has been a tad hectic of late so I'm only now finally getting round to saying a little hello :)

So what have I been up to? Well, my girls have just turned 3 & 1. I've been going through high & lows, happiness & sadness. Excited for their discoveries and constant appetite to learn and challenge themselves, sad that I'm losing my teeny tiny babies.

Millie, my eldest, has always been such an adventurer & from just a few months old, wanted to get up and go! She has a wonderfully wicked laugh that fills the room with sunshine.

Sweet little Annie, is hot on her heels. Learning, laughing, growing, far too fast for my liking.

We celebrated last week with a joint birthday party. All Millie had requested was a rainbow cake and a bicycle for her birthday. Well I say bicycle, she actually asked for a princess ballerina bicycle. My husband & I decided on a normal bike, jazzed up with tassels & a basket & she was very happy with that!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful girls
 My Rainbow Cake Inspired by Sweetapolita
 By the way, the lack of actual people in this party was because we took these after friends had left! I had no real time to take photos during the party - what a whirlwind!
She definitely takes after her mother....