Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I've been up to...

Wow, what a busy few weeks!

Firstly, the Photomarathon was awesome! Very fun but VERY tiring, it really is like a marathon - draining mentally & physically! But I really enjoyed the challenge & will definitely do it next year! Looking forward to the exhibition & seeing everyones photos :)

So the last two weeks I've been absorbed in Nursery photos, yes, nursery photos! My daughter's nursery asked me to go along & take photos of the kids there, they were trying to do something different to the usual white screen/ false lighting/ awkward photo, type nursery photos. Anywho, it was a ball! I loved it & the kids were great, but it was incredibly busy & tiring & sad not to get to spend as much time with each child as I'd have liked to have done. But I'm really happy with the photos, hope the parents are too.

Lastly, last weekend we had a family get together & I got to see my nephew, yay! Haven't seen him properly for months & it was so sweet to see how much he's grown & how, to him, everything is AMAZING! He is so sweet, a photo below is my favourite of the gorgeous little man.

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